Walked to school bare foot

Full of pebbles was the route

In a wintry night

She forgot what was wrong & what was right

One job could not fulfill the need

Her plight was stark indeed

New choice brought its own complications

In those moments she awakens

Leaving behind the past she moves forward

That was the way she preferred


Silent Wish

Walking along the riverside
She looks at sky
With a tinkling sensation in body
She wants to fly

Why my life is so bound?
Can’t I freely move around
Even for a small thing I need to ask him
As if being in an ocean I can’t swim

Other day I looked at a dress
It was so lovely
Just wanted to have it
He said, what is the benefit?

Tears rolled down my eyes
Life seems full of lies

I wonder, what is the use
Of my doing job, earning money
Without asking
He takes away every penny

Living in a hope
When the days come
We grow spiritually & blossom

An Unsaid Story of a Girl

Taking a dream in her eyes

she yearns to break all ties

How long can I live a life dictated by others

should I live like all others

Am I creating ripples in established tradition

or it’s a beginning of a transition

I don’t know what others will think

at this moment I shouldn’t shrink

In this dream my freedom lies

this you can read in my eyes…

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