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In the Middle of Life


Where we want to run away
Away from life there is no way

The trails… The failures
Concealed are all the answers

The pain… The struggle
All the efforts seem feeble

What we want to achieve
Where we want to reach

With those empty words
What we want to preach

Sometimes we choose
Sometimes we loose

There is absolute freedom
This we know

And the beauty is
In the middle of life
We grow…


One Day


Dream will come true
We no longer will argue

Differences will disappear
Closer and closer God will appear

Pain will move on
Struggle will be gone

You look at sky and expand
This will be a beginning with no end

A Farmer

In the biting heat

He hoes his field

Hoping it will yield

When weather changes

His course of life changes

Goes to market

Looks at his basket

Pocket is empty

He finds no sympathy

Looks at people having facilities

Start doubting his own abilities

He get lost into contemplation

Someday we will realize the causation