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Experience Life


Enjoy Sunrise
With your beautiful eyes

Look at sky
Dream to fly

Listen to song
With wind go along

Read a book
Time to cook

Have a pleasant talk
Go for a morning walk

Get excited when birds sing
Let go of things
Don’t cling
Cherish the inner feeling

In spring new leaves sprouting
Buds blossoming
Puppies playing
Old leaves falling
Cuckoo’s calling
A baby smiling

Life, a silent thunder
Dance, sing & wonder


A Farmer

In the biting heat

He hoes his field

Hoping it will yield

When weather changes

His course of life changes

Goes to market

Looks at his basket

Pocket is empty

He finds no sympathy

Looks at people having facilities

Start doubting his own abilities

He get lost into contemplation

Someday we will realize the causation


While passing by a river

It’s flow caught my attention

Taking turns

Making ways

But never confronting.

What a wonderful phenomena it is!

It never stops until it reaches its Source

It changes form but keeps its essence alive

Can we live like that…

A Raindrop

Did you ever feel the touch of a raindrop?

The first touch in an open sky

Drops touching your face, caressing your cheeks

Every cell comes alive.

The joy of touch where it lies

You go on wondering but you never find

This life is such a mystery that never dies

How far you may go

In the end you are inside.

One day my friend asked: why do you enjoy rain so much?

I couldn’t reply

How can you express the unsaid ?

It remains as mystery inside…