In the Middle of Life


Where we want to run away
Away from life there is no way

The trails… The failures
Concealed are all the answers

The pain… The struggle
All the efforts seem feeble

What we want to achieve
Where we want to reach

With those empty words
What we want to preach

Sometimes we choose
Sometimes we loose

There is absolute freedom
This we know

And the beauty is
In the middle of life
We grow…


Millions of Ways

It was raining, drops falling on leaves and sound of thunder. A student was walking on a muddy road in search of a Master. Sometimes life is so unfair, it seems. Why we have to go through so much of struggle to realize when we can just let go and find it in any moment. Well, don’t be silly. We are human beings after all.

After walking for days she saw a place and felt she might find him here. Sometimes we hope too much and that too in rainy days. She enquired with people meditating there and they ended up asking her uncomfortable questions. She wondered since how long they are meditating? Is it the hours or years of meditations or knowledge received put into practice that changes an individual? Which is important? Seemed no one cared to contemplate on these points and they loved to follow a daily routine which seemed so stale. By the way no one smiled there. They all seemed dignified and peaceful.

She had to leave in just two days. You will be wondering why? I still don’t know…

Seeing a park full of children playing, then you realize life is full energy, it knows no laziness, no grumbling, and no complaining until a cricket ball comes and hit your balcony window’s glass. Life changes its meaning in that very moment. May be just in our perception. That moment made her realize it’s time to grow up. She packed her bag and walked in search of a Master again…

How long we have to search? It’s a question of which an answer we never want to listen. She traveled far but never felt the nearness. After all a distance matter. It tells a story.

What is Meditation? She asked this to a person sitting on an inquiry counter. Yes she was at a place where they teach meditation. “You know, our master is enlightened. He can answer any question. You should join here and grow like all of us.” She smiled inside and thought he did not even answer what Meditation is? And all this blah blah…

She bought some books from there and moved on…. To where? Not sure.

“Why I need a Master? I don’t know I read in a book. What I will ask him? Who cares about asking? Let us meet first. What if he asks what I want? What I want? Very funny. I want to start Meditation. And if he asks why I want to meditate? Do really Masters ask that many questions? I thought it’s the students who go on asking questions?”

Window seat, she loved it. Fields of paddy seemed like green garment earth wearing to tease the sky.

May I sit here? He asked politely.
“Yes, of course! Who does want to sit next to a beautiful girl?”
“You like reading spiritual books?”
“How do you know?”
“By the one you holding in your hand.”
“Well, it’s just a book. Trying to get the essence of it.”
“How do you try?”
“By reading it.”
“That’s it. Nothing more than that you do.”
“You mean I should read aloud.”
“Hahahahahah… I mean don’t you find something in a book to contemplate? “
“Very funny. Who told you that? Books are beautiful stories expressed. I love to read in one sitting.”
“Well, then they will remain stories only…”
“Tell me about yourself. What do you do?”
“I bother people by asking them questions.”
“How do people tolerate you then?”
“Well, they are not just people. They are my students. I have to get down at this stop. See you soon. Take care.”

She opened her book and read the first line. And for the entire day she was lost into that line. She began contemplating on it, and she did not even realize that. And slowly so much more got revealed to her than the entire book.

One Strawberry cone ice-cream please, she said to a man in rugged clothes but with a smile standing on roadside with his ice-cream cart.
“Would you like to try a new flavor today?”
“Naah! Why should I?”
“I am in just love with strawberry.”
“Sometimes we may not get what we want.”
“Why me? Why it happens to me all the time?”
“I thought it happens to everyone, may be sometimes. But why are you afraid of trying something new.”
“I don’t know how it will taste?”
“It might taste good.”
“What if… it doesn’t?”
“You are just speculating. You will like it. Trust me, I have tasted it.”
“Give me one then.”

She asked for one more and then one more.

“Why I got stuck with strawberry? There are many more flavors not just in ice-cream, Life seems full of them.”

“Sometimes waves of Ocean seem they will engulf me. I feel so expanded standing near seashore.”

Sitting in her balcony watching tree-leaves falling, she realized there is so much of baggage I am carrying which I must let go or I will not be able to witness new leaves sprouting not just on trees… but within me as well.

She was walking towards a Meditation center, but found herself standing on a crossroad. Which road to take to reach there she seemed unsure to choose. And then she saw the person passing by, she hesitated but asked him…
“Where does this road go?”
“Depends upon where you want to go.”
“Are you crazy?”
“I think we all are.”
“I am looking for the road that goes to Meditation center.”
“Which center?”
“Arghh! Center where people Meditate.”
“People can meditate anywhere. Why only in center? By the way these four road lead to four different Meditation center.”
“Which do you think is a better one?”
“Better may not apply here. The question is what are you looking for?”
“Looking for? … A Master!”
“All four of them have Masters.”
“Then I think I will meet all four of them.”
“But you still don’t know what you are looking for? Happy journey. We will meet again.”

They parted and smiled at each other.

After joining one of the Meditation center, she continued her Meditations. Years passed and she found many changes in her. Peace & Happiness that she searched for years… she was now experiencing them silently and living a joyful life.

“Why my neighbors are so materialistic? They are just after money. And they don’t even have an idea of what spirituality is?”

One day when she was climbing down stairs in her apartment, he smiled at her and forwarded his hand to give eyeglasses. Yes He was her neighbor.

“Thank you. Where did you find them? I was searching them in entire house last night.”
“I found them at bench in park where you usually sit and read in evening.”

“My neighbors! I think, I need to to learn a lot from them.”

“Now I know what I am looking for? I am looking for growth. I want to grow and transform.”

With these thoughts in mind as she was walking near hills, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a familiar face. Yes the same man she met long back at cross-road while asking where road is going? They smiled at each other and said:

“Your face is telling now you know what you exactly looking for.”
“Not only that but this also… To grow there are millions of ways.”

Light Channelling

No religion. No boundaries. No sermons. No leaders. No membership. Just awareness of One humanity.

Watch this animation and practise Light Channelling.

Imagine a huge ocean of Light above. Imagine a beam of Light entering your head. Let it fill every cell in your body. Try to experience the Light, which is full of Love and Peace. Then let the Light come out and spread to your room, your building, your city, country and the entire world.

Practice at least for 7 minutes every day.

Benefits: Peace & harmony for the individual & the world.

For more information, please visit

A Ray of Hope

Look into the eyes of a newborn

Will you tell him the story of world coming to an end

In such a huge Creation full of unity

We have endless opportunity

We are yearning to take a spiritual flight

Never succumb to any false might

  Birds are singing

   Flowers are blooming

 It’s not the end it’s the beginning

In the midst of false floating stories what you can do

 Channel Light ….. this is the best you can do…

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