Let’s go out for a evening snack. She would have said to him. With baby in his hand he walks looking at his wife, they enter food court and sit next to my table. I was lost in thoughts. When I looked at them, a thought crossed my mind. “How would they behave with each other?” , Next thought was ” Just wait & observe.”

She walks to counter and place an order. Husband sitting & sweetly trying to make baby sleep. “What a sweet partner”, I thought.

Order is ready. She goes to collect; while returning back tray falls down from her hand. “Why it happens with me every time. I can’t do anything right. I am not good at anything”. self condemning thoughts try to make her feel guilty. I started feeling sad. Thought I should go to her and say ” It happens, let it go and smile”. I couldn’t do that. At that moment a thought crossed, ” Send Love & Light to her”. When I began sending I felt relieved & peaceful.

With tears rolling down her eyes she sits silently at chair. After sometime she looks at her husband to see his response. Sitting calmly with baby he just look at her lovingly and says something to soothe her. Her face start changing, a smile comes on her face. He gives baby to her, walks towards ATM to draw some money and place a new order. What amazed me was the care & calmness he showed. I felt like crying.

Order is ready. This time he walks to counter and brings food. They start to eat. But baby sleeping in her hands, how she would pick up food? Giving her a smile he suggests her to come little forward. He picks up a bite, place in her mouth and both start eating and enjoying food. I am smiling sitting at my table while waiting for my order.

Baby starts crying. Wife tries her best to make her sleep. But baby’s crying grows louder. “One more test”, I thought.

He takes the baby. Now it’s wife’s turn to pick up a bite and place in his mouth. Smilingly and playfully they continue their eating. Baby is becoming restless. So he gets up and starts walking around looking at her wife he request her to carry on with eating. “Thank you God for everything”, she expresses her gratitude silently.

Baby falls asleep and he comes back to table. “I feel like having some sweet”, she expresses her desire. what could have been a better option than an ice cream parlor just behind her. She takes her purse and walks to parlor and buy her favorite one.

They both eat happily and walk out of food court talking & smiling. Of course baby still in hands of husband sleeping calmly. I just look at them and wonder, ” What an amazing understanding! “.


Let Peace Prevail

A nation strikes a nation
Seems like a daily occupation

Innocents are being killed
Blood is being spilled

They talk about laws
All it is…… just blahs

Spinning the truth is media good at
Misleading has become a standard format

Why our hearts are so callous
Is there no kindness

Our true nature have we forgotten
Will it take too long to awaken

O fellow beings!
Listen to cries & wipe the tears
To make a peaceful world
It won’t take years

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