Experience Life


Enjoy Sunrise
With your beautiful eyes

Look at sky
Dream to fly

Listen to song
With wind go along

Read a book
Time to cook

Have a pleasant talk
Go for a morning walk

Get excited when birds sing
Let go of things
Don’t cling
Cherish the inner feeling

In spring new leaves sprouting
Buds blossoming
Puppies playing
Old leaves falling
Cuckoo’s calling
A baby smiling

Life, a silent thunder
Dance, sing & wonder


One Day


Dream will come true
We no longer will argue

Differences will disappear
Closer and closer God will appear

Pain will move on
Struggle will be gone

You look at sky and expand
This will be a beginning with no end

Flying bird


Flying bird perched on a tree near my balcony
Busy in singing & dreaming
I looking at sky ignored her song
Sky seemed more beautiful at that moment
She whispered slowly, “I fly high in that sky”
“You just only see it”
Well! That was not the point she was trying to convey
“Why don’t you dream, why don’t you sing”
“I’m watching you since years”
“You just look at sky & go on looking”, sweetly she said
“What is that makes you sing & dream”‘ I asked
“It’s the same that makes you look at sky”, she answered
Thank you my beautiful friend, smilingly I said
I’m going to fly high in the sky, she said stretching her wings
I entered the room singing, moments later lying on bed dreaming

Let Peace Prevail

A nation strikes a nation
Seems like a daily occupation

Innocents are being killed
Blood is being spilled

They talk about laws
All it is…… just blahs

Spinning the truth is media good at
Misleading has become a standard format

Why our hearts are so callous
Is there no kindness

Our true nature have we forgotten
Will it take too long to awaken

O fellow beings!
Listen to cries & wipe the tears
To make a peaceful world
It won’t take years

A Dream to Fulfill

Many came Many went

Jesus dreamed Buddha dreamed

It’s now time for us to dream

Our thoughts and dreams may be dear to us

But there are always higher thoughts and dreams waiting for us

Now is the time to let go

And just flow

Universe is dreaming a New Age on this earth

We have to wake up and give it the birth

It’s a dream we must fulfill

In our world a hope to instill

Days are not far off when many will awaken

Because we are living in the period of transition

A Ray of Hope

Look into the eyes of a newborn

Will you tell him the story of world coming to an end

In such a huge Creation full of unity

We have endless opportunity

We are yearning to take a spiritual flight

Never succumb to any false might

  Birds are singing

   Flowers are blooming

 It’s not the end it’s the beginning

In the midst of false floating stories what you can do

 Channel Light ….. this is the best you can do…

An Unsaid Story of a Girl

Taking a dream in her eyes

she yearns to break all ties

How long can I live a life dictated by others

should I live like all others

Am I creating ripples in established tradition

or it’s a beginning of a transition

I don’t know what others will think

at this moment I shouldn’t shrink

In this dream my freedom lies

this you can read in my eyes…

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