A gift


She came silently & stayed for long

Some noticed & some just went along

The mystery of her was not a mystery at all

The distance between was just a wall

On the last night she promised and gone

Just to come back again at dawn


Being Aware

We wake up we sleep

Life continues in bleep

We born we die

Life still remains in the bosom of sky

How much we are aware of realities

Happening around us

There are realities about birth & death

And about us

 There is a Presence in and around us

 Become aware of this Presence

And experience Peace, Love, Joy & Essence

A Dream to Fulfill

Many came Many went

Jesus dreamed Buddha dreamed

It’s now time for us to dream

Our thoughts and dreams may be dear to us

But there are always higher thoughts and dreams waiting for us

Now is the time to let go

And just flow

Universe is dreaming a New Age on this earth

We have to wake up and give it the birth

It’s a dream we must fulfill

In our world a hope to instill

Days are not far off when many will awaken

Because we are living in the period of transition

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