Walked to school bare foot

Full of pebbles was the route

In a wintry night

She forgot what was wrong & what was right

One job could not fulfill the need

Her plight was stark indeed

New choice brought its own complications

In those moments she awakens

Leaving behind the past she moves forward

That was the way she preferred


6 thoughts on “Circumstance

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    1. This is also deeply felt by my since the quest for knowledge has been felt by so many kids and this is what our sometimes lazy ones should compare in their life story being on such a lucky bright side of liufe what schooling in western World is concerned. Although it is to be discerned what topics are taught – still there is enough of the curriculum to use as guidelines and ethic examples ….
      I love this poem and am grateful for our sharing !<3

      1. Thks Hemant – are you are follower of my blog already “Illuminations Now” if not I invite you to it and there is still another blog of mine opened up this spring to which the link is : to which I invite you also (right side column unter the rotating globe) would be nice to achiev some sort of co-operation – don’t you think so too ?
        blessings and Om Shanti

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