In search of Answers

Sitting by the window, student wondering on meaning of life.

He thinks of his Master and writes him an email.

“Who we are?”

“Where do we come from?”

“What are we doing here?”

Next morning he wakes up, has milk with bananas then moves straight to the book store to pick up some books hoping to find answers.

Stumbling through the shelf his eyes get fixed on a seemingly small book — “Descent of Soul” . “Never heard of this before.” Picks up, turns pages, put it back.

Something inside tells him to take the book home.  “Accepting inner voice always helps, I shall buy this.”

Sun was bright when he reaches home. Turn on computer, opens his email. Brings a smile on his face, his Masers’ reply:

“We ( Soul ) are the particles of Light ( God, Source ).”

“We come from Parabrahma ( God, Prime Creator, Father, Allah ) loka ( plane ).”

“We come down to experience life here on earth.”

“To understand more, please read  Descent of Soul.”

He looks at the book and smiles. Tears roll down his eyes.


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