Silent Wish

Walking along the riverside
She looks at sky
With a tinkling sensation in body
She wants to fly

Why my life is so bound?
Can’t I freely move around
Even for a small thing I need to ask him
As if being in an ocean I can’t swim

Other day I looked at a dress
It was so lovely
Just wanted to have it
He said, what is the benefit?

Tears rolled down my eyes
Life seems full of lies

I wonder, what is the use
Of my doing job, earning money
Without asking
He takes away every penny

Living in a hope
When the days come
We grow spiritually & blossom


9 thoughts on “Silent Wish

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  1. This is beautiful I am so enthralled by it …AND IT IS NOT TRAGIC IT IS LIFE … as we shared it all in former 3-D-Matrrkix ….. and that is why also we have got up and started to walk our path of ascension as we do want a different life – a life full of Love and Compassion and Understanding
    each other … Thank you Hemant … thank you Om Shanti ContraMary

      1. Hi Hemant., I asm unable to go to FB for some time as I am blocked off from it — please gp tp my blog to find out what I posted lately … especially the message of Ute P. is so deeply involving ….
        thks – for your support in advance ….ContraMary

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