Being Aware

We wake up we sleep

Life continues in bleep

We born we die

Life still remains in the bosom of sky

How much we are aware of realities

Happening around us

There are realities about birth & death

And about us

 There is a Presence in and around us

 Become aware of this Presence

And experience Peace, Love, Joy & Essence


6 thoughts on “Being Aware

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  1. Please Hemant, did you see my latest meditation for sharing the First Silent Walk in Central Park New York on 7th Oct. If you don’t, please go to my blog or search for it on Facebook …I posted it several times there.. It matches the inner issues of your blog here in every way ….Love from ContraMary and I must say ” congrats this is a wonderful blog and such a nice and enlightened piece of work that you did with it….

  2. So very truly spoken, and shared graciously…your words truly reflect the love in your spirit! You are a talented writer my friend…i enjoy digesting your words…truly beautiful! Thanks for your visits!

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