A Sparrow

Sun rays are still far away

someone sense it and shows the way

Start singing a beautiful song

with love to welcome the dawn

Every morning becomes a celebration

and in everything you feel elation


5 thoughts on “A Sparrow

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  1. Yes, I can feel it…the beautiful sparrow sings their special song and we humans can feel from within our very beings…with a hint of reminders from nature. My friend, the words you put together grab me! thank you!!!

    1. A sparrow’s family living in my balcony. It’s so joyful to observe their life. They sing in morning without fail. If you give them food they eat; if not, they never complain. They are my real teachers. Loving and living with them…

    1. When I read “My Angel of Night”, it’s like entering a dream and go on enjoying it. Your blog is really “A place of fantasy, reality, and beauty”
      Love & Light

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