A Raindrop

Did you ever feel the touch of a raindrop?

The first touch in an open sky

Drops touching your face, caressing your cheeks

Every cell comes alive.

The joy of touch where it lies

You go on wondering but you never find

This life is such a mystery that never dies

How far you may go

In the end you are inside.

One day my friend asked: why do you enjoy rain so much?

I couldn’t reply

How can you express the unsaid ?

It remains as mystery inside…


34 thoughts on “A Raindrop

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I can see why you liked my Peace poem, given the title of your blog! Your poem about a raindrop brings back memories of my youngest daughter. We live in a very dry area, so whenever it rained, she couldn’t wait to get out in it.

  2. Pure, unadulterated joy radiates from this poem…..a youthful heart will remain intact as you age if you can keep this sense of wonder alive…. I love the rain too, and i thought this was beautifully expressed…..

  3. I grew up hearing the rain was the Angels crying. And I would wonder what do Angels have to cry over…they are Angels! As a kid I thought and still think being an Angel is the next best thing to being God… Now when it rains I believe it is the Lord nourishing everything with his essence, Your poem is very lovely thank you for sharing it. Many Blessings.

      1. Thank you very much!!!! I was a tad worried about posting “My Breeze” but now…I am elated I did. (((hugs))) By the way, I am so happy I came back to read this writing again. All of your readers comments and your replies are honestly healing to my soul. Wow!

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