Light Channelling

No religion. No boundaries. No sermons. No leaders. No membership. Just awareness of One humanity.

Watch this animation and practise Light Channelling.

Imagine a huge ocean of Light above. Imagine a beam of Light entering your head. Let it fill every cell in your body. Try to experience the Light, which is full of Love and Peace. Then let the Light come out and spread to your room, your building, your city, country and the entire world.

Practice at least for 7 minutes every day.

Benefits: Peace & harmony for the individual & the world.

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A Farmer

In the biting heat

He hoes his field

Hoping it will yield

When weather changes

His course of life changes

Goes to market

Looks at his basket

Pocket is empty

He finds no sympathy

Looks at people having facilities

Start doubting his own abilities

He get lost into contemplation

Someday we will realize the causation

A Ray of Hope

Look into the eyes of a newborn

Will you tell him the story of world coming to an end

In such a huge Creation full of unity

We have endless opportunity

We are yearning to take a spiritual flight

Never succumb to any false might

  Birds are singing

   Flowers are blooming

 It’s not the end it’s the beginning

In the midst of false floating stories what you can do

 Channel Light ….. this is the best you can do…

An Unsaid Story of a Girl

Taking a dream in her eyes

she yearns to break all ties

How long can I live a life dictated by others

should I live like all others

Am I creating ripples in established tradition

or it’s a beginning of a transition

I don’t know what others will think

at this moment I shouldn’t shrink

In this dream my freedom lies

this you can read in my eyes…

A Raindrop

Did you ever feel the touch of a raindrop?

The first touch in an open sky

Drops touching your face, caressing your cheeks

Every cell comes alive.

The joy of touch where it lies

You go on wondering but you never find

This life is such a mystery that never dies

How far you may go

In the end you are inside.

One day my friend asked: why do you enjoy rain so much?

I couldn’t reply

How can you express the unsaid ?

It remains as mystery inside…

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